Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR


Last night after we went out to dinner I was watching Killing Eve and suddenly remembered that the clocks were changing the next day. Then I started worrying as Thomas was getting the last train home from London after his 18th birthday function, and as the trains to our village were not operating for some reason, he was getting the train to the next village and we had booked a taxi home for him from there. I was worried as I thought the clocks changed at midnight and so I thought he would miss his taxi pick up - but after googling it I found out that the clocks actually change at 2am, so that was all fine! I never knew they change at 2am. 

Today was a day of constantly changing weather. Gavin walked Murdoch this morning in pouring rain and they both came home looking like drowned rats, and yet half an hour later the sun was out. Just when I suggested we go for a walk in the sunshine it started raining again - and this pattern continued throughout the day.

We spent the morning doing little admin chores - Gavin booked the tickets for Glyndebourne and the hotel where we are staying, all part of the raffle prize that he won a few weeks ago. It was a case of finding out which performance we could book, and the organiser had to book them for us and then we had to make sure the date agreed with availability at the hotel. Anyway we got tickets for The Magic Flute in August 2019 which should be entertaining. I always get nervous booking anything so far ahead as you never know if it will clash with anything else, and we avoided June due to two graduations coming up and we don't know the date of one of them yet. Talking about far in advance, Gavin and I have already booked a very special holiday for 2020! Now that is far in advance but it has been on the cards for some time and when we got the email to say it must now be booked as places were going fast we had to make a decision (It is to Antarctica)

I made a lamb roast for lunch and the rest of the day has just disappeared. As it is the end of half term today I thought I would take  a photo of Thomas who starts school again tomorrow. 

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