By Veronica

Tool kit

Yesterday was so cold and miserable that we spent most of the day close to home. Well, actually we went round to Ingrid's for a lengthy brunch -- full English, along with some quiche and a cheese board, moving seamlessly from tea to new-season wine in the process. Home for a while and then we returned in the evening to a) help her finish the leftovers, b) eat the baked figs supplied by me that we hadn't had room for earlier and c) watch a film on her home cinema. It was Paulette, an amusing French film about a broke granny who becomes a drug dealer to make ends meet.

Today was a little better -- at least it wasn't raining much -- so the three of us went for another round of Artistes en Campagne. I spotted the blipportunity as soon as we got to Robert Cros's house: he specialises in very large steel sculptures and obviously any interesting bit of metal is grist to his mill. This little collection was outdoors: see the extra for his extremely well organised workshop. Large is necessary to appreciate the details!

From there we went to Saint Laurent de la Cabrerisse where there were four locations and seven artists. Most of them the same ones we visited here, and we also met a few friends along the way. I again really appreciated Pascal Augé's cut paper work, and also Claire Charpentier's lovely pen and ink drawings. One of which qualified for "work I would most like to take home with me". 

It was very chilly, but the sun was breaking through as we set off home via Tournissan and Lagrasse. Gorgeous light illuminating vines just starting to change colour: well worth a return visit in a few days.

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