"A bit nithersome."

MUST look for/find the "Proper" camera.
I've used the wee "Glued to me 24/7" Canon I've genuinely mislaid the 450D.
It's "Winter droving" time again and with customary consideration I was gathered up & transported to a goodly viewpoint from where several useless/mediocre/downright poxy shots were taken; hence the need to find the "Biggy".
I keep boasting that IF reincarnation is a going concern I must have been either a seal or an Inuit/Esquimau  last time around since I love fish and am not, usually, unduly bothered by the cold.
Tonight was a bit of an exception in that I actually wore three layers:-
T-shirt, usual indoor garb + Fire Service shirt (long sleeved) + Wooly zipper ("Bum-freezer") Jacket. AND a pair of gloves and, to be honest could still have been a tiny bit more comfortable.
This was, by far, not the only lass thus attired; I bet she wrapped up P.D.Q. as soon as possible as I can't see those Torches warming much, the way they were being waved.
I reckon the extra was better dressed for the occasion.
"Excuse me madam, you nose is slipping."
Following a.m. there was rapidly vanished frost on the lawn, and the "Shed end" went down to 1.0˚C = Coolish.

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