Day at a Time

By Tweedy

It was thirty years ago today ...

Today marks a significant family anniversary. The details aren't for Blip or any other public forum but it's enough to say that it's a very happy anniversary which deserves a celebration. So for this reason and to thank Lyn for her help with looking after the house and Maxwell the cat (sadly now RIP but nothing to do with her care of him) over the past few months while Cameraman and I have been jaunting off all over the place we treated ourselves to a spa day. We've had a swim and the various water based activities which go alongside that and we're now in the relaxation room waiting for our treatments. We'll be new women by the time the therapists have finished with us. The light in here is terrible but too bad. Lyn is today's blip.

Tonight we're out for a meal to round off the day.

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