By biddy

Mi Tierra. San Antonio.

We had a trip to San Antonio, starting off with lunch in Mi Tierra. It was such a bright, vibrant, colourful restaurant, filled with hustle and bustle, packed with folks of all shapes and sizes. Great food. Most people speaking Spanish.   
The City was dressed for Hallowe'en. Or Dios de Los Muertos. Lovely to have endless blue sky and warm sunshine.     
   Children were out and about in fancy dress with their parents, collecting "treats" in their small baskets. 
There was an amazing mural on the wall, but no means of identifying all the characters. (Obviously well known personalities.) 
Photos in extras. Along with one of the River Walk boats. (We took a tour on one and thoroughly enjoyed it)  
I'm back blipping as we have been having very full on days, with not as much time to write each evening.       

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