By biddy

Wet day being spent indoors.

Everything outside is completely sodden. You can smell the dampness when you step outside the door.
Raindrops running off the yucca spikes.
Lots of leaves now fallen in the squally weather yesterday, so bare branches are now appearing along with some sorry specimens of foliage which are hanging limply and looking sorry for themselves.
I was asked by someone recently if I was going to do a painting of one of the photos I posted on Facebook recently, well this afternoon I’ve begun a preliminary undersketch.
Light is fading, still raining, and the clocks go back this evening.
Hey ho.
Not much less gloomy in Parliament.
On a lighter note I dreamed I was back teaching in a lovely Reception class! No idea why! Dreams are random like that. And I forgot to mark the register before Assembly! What an unpardonable sin!
It had to go to the School Secretary to check the numbers along with the Dinner register.
I did enjoy seeing the children though.....good dream.

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