Wild wet and windy afternoon.

It was practically dark by 5.20pm today. The weather turned wet and squally by mid afternoon.
I had one of those nights where I was downstairs at 2.30am having a cup of tea, and not much sleep.
In the morning I hosted our French Conversation here at 10.15am along with our tutor and 3 others. Another person has joined us today.
After all that we had a visitor after lunch and by teatime I was in need of a rest!
Hubby had made Moroccan Roasted Sweet Potato soup. Just the thing on a wild wet gloomy end to the afternoon.
It had sweet potatoes, shallots, garlic, carrot, which was cut into large chunks ready for roasting along with the other ingredients in the oven before making the actual soup.
Add to that vegetable stock, seasoning, honey and lemon juice and voilà, very tasty.
He had also made Pain de Campagne to accompany it.
Serve with a swirl of natural yoghurt.
Mmmmm yummy.

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