Boo at the Zoo ....

We had such a fun day today! 

A while back I had purchased a two for one certificate for the Lehigh Valley Zoo and it was due to expire soon.  Today we put it to use!

And, boy, was the zoo ever crowded!  As you can see there was a special Hallowe'en event this weekend and it was well attended!  There were so many youngsters in costume .... and even some parents.  We weren't!

I would have liked to get more photos of the costumed kids but it always feels weird to me to take pictures without the parents consent.  So I will have to be content with all the animal pictures! My favorites were the African Penguins, the Snowy Owl and the Canada Lynx! 

Hard to believe but today marks three years that Zazu died.  I think of him daily and still miss him ever so much.  ♥ Love you, My Sweet Boy! ♥

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