Silly Saturday ...

As today is supposed to be the nicest of the weekend we decided to take a drive .... first to Lehigh Gap Nature Center and then to a place we usually go to see the fall colors.

On the way to Lehigh Gap Nature Center we stopped at one of the many covered bridges that are in our area.  This is also one of our Autumn destinations ... unfortunately, the colors this year are quite blah.  Not just at the covered bridge but everywhere!

We continued on to Lehigh Gap .... there were lots of other people there as well!  But that's about all!  I had been wishing to see a certain type of butterfly there, but it just wasn't to be .... more on that in a bit. 

So then it was on to our next destination!  We discovered this place quite by accident a few years ago when we were out "Leaf Peeping"!  There is a pond and a small creek ... plus a narrow lane that snakes through the trees.  This silly picture was taken there!  Thanks, Love!

Now about that butterfly ...

It's hard for me to believe but today marks two years that Zazu died.  About a day or two after his death I went out to his grave and saw a Cabbage White Butterfly.  It was not very warm out and I hadn't seen any butterflies for a week or so before this and I took this as a sign from Zazu that he was okay.  Since that day I have associated these Cabbage White's with Zazu ... even calling them Zazu's butterfly or my "buddyfly"!

I set myself up for disappointment by specifically looking for this butterfly today.  And I was disappointed that we didn't see any in our yard or at Lehigh Gap Nature Center.  But my faith was restored when on the way home Richard spotted several in a big field!  We stopped so I could try to get a picture but it was just too windy and the butterflies would not stay still long enough!  Well at least we saw some!

I still think of Zazu everyday and miss him terribly ... even after two years.  ♥♥♥ 

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