...was my daddy

today marks the 11 year anniversary - of his very unexpected death

with each year that has gone by - my grief has grown less sharp - yet remains burning bright - grief doesn't dim the memories you have - for the individual who has passed - i continue to be reminded - of my daddy all the time - when i think it will be - and then at really random moments - which catch me totally off guard - wondering why after 11 yrs - i can still become a blubbering idiot

but that's what happens with our memories - the name attached to the person we knew - it's all intertwined and mingled together - all it takes is one look, one picture - someone saying something and suddenly - you're transported back like those years are nonexistent

i picked up this tie clip - which belonged to my daddy - (obviously, since it's got his name on it) - and it was as though i was - a little girl again - seeing him dressed all snazzy - in a suit & tie for work - the smell of 'old spice' wafting through the air

although the day is difficult - is bittersweet being filled with strong memories - of times gone by - i've definitely gotten to a place - where i can look back - as well as forward with how those memories serve me - and know they can finally lead to...


happy day.....

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