daddy’s heart... mine

intertwined as one

broken apart 12 years ago - upon his sudden death - leaving a part of me - forever bereft and forlorn

although that sounds tragic - and believe me, at the time - it was because it felt like my world was ending - i had been such - a daddy’s girl - his death was such a - totally unfathomable incident in our family - and we just couldn’t comprehend it - i couldn’t for quite a while - my grief consumed me - it seemed everything reminded - me of him, our family life - and i struggled to cope - grief is like that - those who haven’t dealt with such a loss - have difficulty understanding - those who do - trying to wrap their heads around - all the conflicting emotions - (as a sidebar here, if you know of someone dealing with grief - and have trouble interacting with them - sometimes the best thing you can do is to listen - you don’t need to offer anything more than an ear - words are often unnecessary - are sometimes too much - silence is best)

now for me after these long 12 years - the pain has softened - as i knew it would - yet the grief is still there - continues to be very raw at times - the good news is that i am wiser - and now know how - to deal with it - i have accepted his loss - i now can fully rejoice in the - time we had with him - cherishing our memories together

additionally i can celebrate the fact - that in death we were able - to extend a helping hand to 9 people - through organ donation to live a life - they wouldn’t have otherwise had - if not for my daddy - sometimes there can be - a silver lining which can lead to...


happy day.....

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