By strawhouse


Work, dog walk, Parent's Evening, bed.
Work was ace - my Stage 2 boys were particularly affectionate and kept taking it in turns to run up to me for cuddles. It was lovely!!
There was a bit of a disaster but luckily it all worked out OK. The keys are normally left for me to lock up and drop back round to the caretaker's house once I've finished.
There's a cupboard in the room where the tables and chairs are kept and I put all my bags and stuff in their once I've set up. I leave the key in the door so I know where it is.
Halfway through my lesson the caretake came in and asked could he take the key and I could just leave the hall open when I finished. Mid Song I just handed them over without a thought. It was only at the end when I realised I couldn't get into the cupboard with all my bags. Oops!!
Thankfully my car keys and shoes weren't in there - they sometimes are! - so I had to drive to the caretaker's house, come back, pack everything up and then drop the keys off again. What a palaver!!!
Archie's walk was ridiculously windy.  He gets all adventurous and epic in the wind - standing to attention every now and then like a lion surveying his territory. So funny!!
Then it was to school for the Miss L, to school for Miss E, home for sausages and then back to Miss L's school for her parent's evening.
She's doing very well and is a delight to teach apparently. 
Her teacher clearly likes her which, of course, makes us like the teacher!!
 We also like the cakes they serve so it's all good!

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