I am without cable service again, so I'm sending this from my phone and hoping that the picture in large actually looks decent. This is the hydrangea bush in my sister's Back Garden which I have blipped many times before. I like the way the dark and light pedals contrasted with each other, but I'm afraid the picture doesn't really capture that.

There is to be a vigil tonight for the Pittsburgh mourners and I would have liked to attend, but it is in a neighborhood where it is impossible to park anywhere near the synagogue, especially for someone who uses a walker., However, they will be live streaming it so that I can be there in spirit. I would like to view it on my computer monitor, but since I have no internet service, I will have to do it on the tiny screen of my phone. That will feel very different from being there.

I want to thank all of you for your stars and Hearts, and yout supportive messages in response to Saturday's blip.  I think this is a difficult time for anyone with a kind heart and a strong moral compass.

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