By Cailleach

Close, but no cigar....

The saga of my leaky internals continues...

On Sunday, one of Mr Pickles underlings appeared, carrying what appeared to be a Tardis.

'This'll sort out yer waterworks,' he announced, 'it's a humidor!'

Well I checked, and there wasn't a cheroot in sight, so regretfully, I concluded that the vast machine was in fact a dehumidifier.

'It's a powerful thing this,' warned the underling. 'It'll suck all the water out of the building in hours! And you'll have to slap on the moisturiser,' he advised, 'or you'll have skin like a desecrated coconut!'

I've just checked. The 'humidor' hasn't absorbed so much as a teaspoon of water. I might stick my stash of Coronas in it after all.....

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