By Cailleach

Boys and ghouls...

Do you, like me, still yearn at all,
for times when Hallowe'en was 'small'?
We'd wait until the moon was risin' (about 5pm on the west coast of Scotland!),
dress up as ghosts, and go out guisin'.

The neighbours would invite us in,
we'd maybe scratch the violin,
or sing a song, or tell a joke
to entertain the adult folk.

Then we'd receive, for doing well,
some monkey nuts (still in the shell),
an orange, apple, 20p,
a gossip and a cup of tea....

Back then, there were no zombie fans,
and pumpkins only came in cans....
And it was safe to walk the street,
without once hearing....... 'trick or treat'!!!!

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