Still Rockin'

By RockArea

Walk in Peace

Buses were a pain, trains were probably worse but they were a necessary evil to get him to the point where his legs would take him where he wanted to go, and that is likely to have been miles and miles, usually away from people.

I didn't know Tim well and I don't suppose there are many who did. When we first met he stipulated that he didn't want any pictures taken of him. I imagine that was the same with others he might have chosen to meet with. He didn't have family as such, he was adopted and family members he may have referred to were through his adopted state. He didn't tend to rely on others as they were likely to let him down.

He had had a long battle with mental health difficulties but had chosen to walk away from conventional help and managed the remnants of these problems by himself, avoiding stress as far as he could, by using his photography to bolster his sense of self. He knew that this was something he knew about, enjoyed and it helped him communicate with the world. He didn't take critique very well. He had a great knowledge of lenses and optics generally and could get the very best out of his equipment. I suspect he had a good knowledge of the basics elements of Photoshop and would work his raw files expertly to get the balance of colour, contrast and detail he wanted.

To me he was a 'good bloke', it was hard to be his friend, it was for me anyway. I'll remember the many discussions I've had with him, in person, on blip and by email. Today was his funeral. I didn't go but I decided I would use a 'nifty fifty' equivalent to test myself with today's blip. I don't suppose for a moment it's done justice to his memory but it focused my thoughts as I walked on Ideford Common with some lovely light coming through the trees.

Cheers to you Tim, the Sarum Stroller, I hope you'll walk in peace.

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