Just Me

By clive1079

Girl with a watering can.

Not to be confused with the painting of the same name by Pierre-Auguste Renoir.
After yesterdays sad Blip of the teddy bear who had lost his young owner I was determined to find something more cheerful today in the same cemetery. 
What a difference a day makes. The sun was shining, the wind was mild, the autumn colours have started to soften and hiding behind a tree I found this little statuette of a girl with a watering can.
Such a wonderful face and detail on her clothes.

Having spent the next few hours trying to buy a new pair of trainers and finally giving up as the one pair that I wanted, after looking at countless makes, shapes, colours and prices ..... was out of stock in my size!

So after feeling I had lost two hours of my life that I was not going to get back I came home and Blipped :-)

Have a great day everyone.

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