Skylight (Widwed311018)

An approaching grey cloud sent me out earlier than I had in mind for my Wide Wednesday blip on the theme of Sky.  I rather like the way the late afternoon sun lights up the tower of St Peter's in the middle of the village so I had a wander around trying to frame what cloud there was available.

As I walked into the church yard a group/flock/crowd of Crows were mobbing a single Buzzard, but alas, by the time I had the camera ready, the Buzzard had tired of them and gained a lot of height in that calm  unflappable way that Buzzards have of soaring.

Thanks to Bobs Blips for hosting.  The themes for the next two or three months of Wide Wednesday are now posted in the challenges section of the site.

Thanks for the visits and comments on my default blip of yesterday.
I should be getting myself better organised over the next few weeks and having a better proportion of thought through blips :-)

Edit/Update - I changed from Chrome to Firefox (www browsers) a few weeks back and have only today sorted out how to get Firefox to spell check what I type.   As you have probaly noticed, I can't spell ... or do grammar.  So thanks for putting up with the errors :-)

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