By HeidiHH


Quite busy day.

Normal coffee, dogs out, breakfast routines.

Then off to Lidl's to see if I could catch some sale items (I did).

While I was at Lidl's, Lou had texted me if I wanted to go to Bodega(winery) with her. I did want to. But my phone didn't work. The service provider changed the mobile network last night, and after that our connection was out. So I popped to her house and said in real life, that yes I'd like to go with her. So quick turnaround at home and off to Santa Pola to Bodega.

I was home by 11 and then wanted to check out my favorite sales ladies at the charity shop (they are there only on Wednesday mornings). So went there and scored some fabulous white sheets for dyeing.

Came home and started to work with the corks for a while. I had about an hour before I had to make lunch. So I only managed to few little things.

Lunch, doggies out. And out to get groceries as tomorrow everything will be closed for the el Día de Todos los Santos.

After groceries, few minutes again with the corks and then off to the mobile phone service provider to get phones working again. (They are closed for siesta, so they open again at 5pm.) They got our phones working again with few clicks. Which makes me wonder why did they not send that message out or put it on their website. They did send 3 messaged about the change in advance.

After that visit uphill to my FIL's place and then back to take the dogs out. Now finally sweet dreams! I'm beat!

Picture from sunset from uphill towards Alicante and Alicante bay.

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