Sieze the day

By Mario

Flight of the Kiwi

Glenda ran in the Auckland Marathon, Half Marathon event on Sunday. Glenda finished 17th in her Grade W 60-64 her time was 2:29.41 a fantastic effort for her first 1/2. I have have the privilege and honour to have run and been involved in Coaching Glenda. Glenda this year completed the You versus the Year Challenge by running 1018 kms in 2018 and still has 2 months up her sleeve. Glenda is showing the Sign of the Kiwi which is the symbol for the F27FoKer Friendship group which is a bunch of Kiwis and a few outsider's who are part of the YvsTY Challenge. It has been very rewarding to see how much Glenda has improved this year and the work she has put in. 

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