Abstract Thursday - Distortions

If you look closely you’ll see a very distorted view of me taking the shot. Hubby is standing next to me fiddling with the machine trying to make that purple glow brighter!

He was testing a valve from an amplifier that he was repairing, its not supposed to have the purple glow and he called me in to see if i wanted to get a photo of it - oh yes i can make something of that, thank you, blip done! :o). It’s kind of an abstraction i think.

Here’s a link to a short explanatory video about the hows and whys of valves which although they are quite fascinating will probably be of interest to almost no one ;o)

Unfortunately the night has gotten away from me and i must go to bed, catch up with you all tomorrow, thank goodness it will be Friday ahh, nighty night blippers! Xxxx

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