All Saints

Public "still" holiday in Bavaria and four other predominately Roman Catholic states.

"Still" as it, along with Good Friday, is a public holiday deemed to require quiet and reflection. Dancing and public non-religious music are banned for about 24 hours.

There are several other "still days" that are not quite as restrictive, many on Sundays such as "Volkstrauertag" or People's Day of Mourning in November and similar to Remembrance Day but it honours all who died in armed conflicts and all victims of violent oppression.

In some 28 years of witnessing this day, there has to the best of my memory barely been a single year when the weather has been bad. Cold maybe but not wet & windy. Quite helpful as for many it is the day to visit the family graves. According to my Blip journal, this is the 7th straight good weather 1st November.

I kept it a very still and quiet day.  Time to reflect.

Blip is SOTC - straight out the camera. Could have made the sunset more dramatic but I think it deserves to tell the truth.

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