Death Knell

Today starts the last official month my 2002 Chrysler Jeep can legally use the roads. It is in such a bad state that I have been told it won't past its MOT/TÜV done every two years.

I somehow refuse to accept this! The Mercedes diesel motor & gearbox are in good shape but everything else is breaking and rusting at an alarming rate. All thanks to the wretched "cheap is more profit" policy Mercedes introduced into all their car plants after they merged with Chrysler for a few years around 2000. Even the Mercedes own brand cars suffer from this. Using quick & cheap USA methods & quality standards.

I have other photos of all the rust and peeling off chrome but need an over 18 age certificate to post such horrifying photos. Here the door hinge has rusted away and at the bottom broken cables in the door hinge due to cheap quality wiring. Google & YouTube full of such stories.

I had bought it new back then assuming it would be the last car I ever bought. It may just be as I don't have the spare cash to buy a replacement.

Might have to fall back on my perfectly legal 1965 John deere cabriolet tractor. Not a great thought as we go into winter.

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