By schorschi

Irish Pumpkins

Grandchildren safely in Ireland didn't have anything different to celebrate than Halloween. Elliot's is a shark, Charlotte's purrs for itself.

I won't include the photos taken later of their costumes & the ravings at the local village hall hop. Luckily they got home safely & didn't end up in a ditch.

I applaud their artistic work & indeed must admit between 1962-67 aged 8-12, I was involved in such matters as my school was named 'All Hallows' in Somerset - a farmer would come by with a tractor-trailer load of mangolds to carve & an old zinc bathtub was set up outside full of icy water for apple bobbing. But that was it. No scary stuff or Trick or Treat and certainly no dancing.

I hate Halloween & I think daughter Kate is quite happy to see it gone for another year. Here in Bavaria a public holiday tomorrow on All Saints. Several German States had today free - Martin Luther's Reformation Day.

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