A nice ride to Bristol

First of all, Hendrix is fine today, eating and drinking and not being sick. One of those 24 hour bugs thank goodness.

Had my six monthly ride down to Bristol this afternoon for my kidney, or lack of, check up. No problems, everything looks fine. I think they could do it in Gloucester but at least it's usually a nice ride even if it is mostly motorway.

Marlane was surprised I was going on the bike as it was quite cold but with the heated grips it's not bad and I do have layers to keep me warm, plus as long as I don't go on wet grass it's fine! Talking of which, I've found that it hurts my ankle to put my boots on and off but while I'm wearing them, and for a while afterwards, the level of pain is so much better than normal. It will be 10 weeks on Saturday since my accident and if it still hurts after Remembrance Sunday I'll go to the doctors to see if there's anything they can do.

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