By strawhouse


Another busy day today. I left the house at 8.15am to drop the Little Misses to school and then carry on to my lessons near. Traffic was horrendous so it was a stressful drive worrying about being late and then having to rush to set up. My usual forty five minute drive took well over and hour.
After my lessons I had to hot foot back to Miss E's school for her Harvest Festival. I made it just in time and met my mum in the car park.
It was a lovely afternoon as usual with amazing singing from all the children. From the ridiculously cute nursery kids to the Senior school choirs who would win competitions on TV if they entered. Unbelievably, spine tinglingly good. I thought I was going to start blubbing when they sang Danny Boy!
And they all look so happy and joyful while they're singing. I had the first - no doubt of many - pangs that this isn't the school Miss E will be at next year.
There was a man there from the Milton Keynes Food Bank to give a little talk and say thank you for all the donations the were stacked up on stage. I didn't spot my chickpeas, mincemeat, sweetcorn, tinned tomatoes and curry sauce. Not one of my finer efforts this year. Having forgotten all about it until Monday when the donations were due in I had to raid the cupboard which were pretty bare. I pretty much emptied them and vowed that next year I would think about it in advance and get gluten free stuff and sanitary products. Much needed I would think.
The talk was quite sobering - When I'm moaning about not being able to afford things I need to remind myself that not being able to afford gluten free food for Miss L, or going without food so the kids can eat is actually not having enough money. 
We don't know we're born.

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