‘Love It’ and ‘Leave It - My London,

One of our longest visits. Perfect weather (i.e. not hot). Two centre stay, one in the bright lights of Hoxton/Whitechapel, then 3 nights at friends in our old road in placid suburban Pinner.

Despite regular’ish visits, the pace of change continues to astonish. Skyscrapers jostling to be tallest. The amount of building work everywhere is frightening. Old shops disappearing to be replaced by the latest in ‘hip’. And more and more expensive designer boutiques. So much energy around, IF this is what Brexit means, roll it out.

Completely forget to mention, we went to the Photographers Gallery, off Oxford Street, for the exhibition of the works of Roman Vishniac. Half on display here, half at the Jewish Museum in Camden Town. Didn’t get to the latter, must fit it in before it closes. Recommended if you are interested in seeing images recording life in Germany, Poland etc in the pre 2nd World War period during Hitler’s rise to power.


And so we return to the coast, now very much our home. Could happily spend a day a week in London, and still never see it all, but so stressful and tiring.

Nothing (for us) replaces the sun, sea, sand.

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