By Bella888

Silly Saturday Scrum

The SILLY thing is I haven’t the slightest inkling about how rugby works. So was impressed Mr B agreed this looked like a scrum.

Clearly, judging by the pigeons’ reaction, pumpkins are somewhat scrumptious. And they are fighting to the end to feast on the last scrap. Anything’s better than stale bread.

So we’re back home. Slept like a log - funnily I slept well all week - despite 2 strange beds and the change of hour.

Apologies (again) if I haven’t caught up with your blips. Apart from being busy with this and that, I am endeavouring to switch off the mobile earlier too.

Have a lovely weekend. We were supposed to be in Southampton for lunch today. But quite frankly, we’re both happy it’s off, albeit for sad reasons.

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