Still Miztified

By Miztified

Dappled sun - and still not redwoods

Another afternoon break at the Redwood Grove. I love this place with its profusion of growth and its gentle air of dilapidation.  Since it seems unlikely to survive in its current form for too much longer, I'm making it my mission to capture it as best I can with my camera as it changes through the seasons.  And I promise I will show some actual redwood trees soon, there are plenty of them!
I did a little research about the reserve -  the house was built in 1923 as the summer home of a San Francisco family. The property has belonged to the city for decades, and is slated for "improvements" probably including the addition of parking (right now you have to walk a few hundred yards, which no doubt explains its general emptiness). All the redwood trees were transported here and planted by the family, which surprised me.  There is more info here if it interests you at all.

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