Cheeky Cockies

Mr B and Little Miss headed off to Little Aths this morning, leaving me to a rather welcome lie in. Abe and I snoozed until about 8 am and then lazed around for a little longer. Ahhh, bliss.

When they got, home, Mr B raced in and demanded that I grab my camera. Of course, I obliged. These cheeky cockatoos (there were five of them in total) were destroying this beautiful bottle brush tree. They were having a great time and didn't mind us getting quite close, before they flew off, contraband in beak.

We went to Highpoint. I'm looking for a new computer (mine is 10 years old and is getting slower and clunkier. I'm looking at Macs because they're what I know and love. I'm just trying to get my head around the newest 15" MacBook Pro. Does anyone have one? It's a big investment and I want to know what they're like before I pay out for one. Any thoughts or ideas would be gratefully received.

Anyway, we headed home and Mr B and Little Miss have gone back to bed for a snooze. Abe and I are going to throw a ball around for a little while before I have to get ready for Mass.

Extra is the perfect Christmas card image, I think!


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