By JohnW

Biskit’s New Coat

One of the things currently recommended for anxiety in dogs is a snug coat or wrap, and with fireworks being the order of the nights Mrs W decided to knit Biskit a jumper.  Well the pattern turned up, and we bought one instead . . .  Fair does, she did leave it a bit late, like Wednesday, and she hasn’t knitted in years.
Biskit is having a sleepover for firework night as it gets very noisy in Bourne, especially with their main firework display tonight, and we are a little bit quieter out here in the sticks.
Biskit took to his new coat straight away – I held it up and he came over to have it put on.  Fingers crossed that it helps to keep him calm this year.  He has had some medication, but in previous years it has not helped the poor little chap, and at home he has actually got so upset in the past he was sick. 
We are also playing loud classical music, which is also supposed to help.  I switched on ‘Classic FM’ and immediately got an advert involving fireworks – bad start.  We are now relying on our CD collection, upstairs and down.  I did think that Handel's Firework Music  was appropriate. . . Bit of a cacophony halfway between my office and the living room.
I’m tagging this for Silly Saturday, even though Biskit may well think otherwise, especially the fireworks on Classic FM.
Many thanks to Admirer for hosting.

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