By seizetheday

Camouflaged 2

Not a robin this time, but female pheasants. Not easy to see in the undergrowth, and even more difficult to see on the road at dusk. And for some reason, there were hundreds of pheasants - male and female - on the roads as we drove home late this afternoon. Lots of them seemed very reluctant to move on to the verge, so it took us a while!

MrM and I have been talking about going to a car boot sale to try and pass on some of the items we no longer need, in an attempt to de-clutter. Today we finally got ourselves organised and went to one near Widdrington. It was held at an equine centre, and turned out to be quite popular. We came back with less than we took and made a little bit of money, and quite a few people went away with bargains.

In to Berwick in the evening to another concert organised by Highlights Rural Touring scheme. This one was the Jaywalkers, playing bluegrass. Fantastic concert!

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