By seizetheday

Hillforts galore

Good to catch up with Andrea this morning when she came for her mandolin lesson.

It's been a gloriously sunny day so, soon after she'd left, MrM and I set off to do a short walk along the track from the old bailey bridge (on the Berwick Road) to Doddington, and back. An easy walk on the flat, and not very far, but affording fabulous views of the some of the Cheviot Hills. Just about all the hills in the Blip - from Humbleton Hill at the far left to Yeavering Bell on the far right - have Iron Age hill forts on them.

Just right, we thought, for a relatively quick walk on a working day! But we're too easily distracted, and were out for somewhat longer than anticipated. At the end of the main track, MrM wanted to look at a bridge over the Till. Having done that, we turned back on ourselves to go in to Doddington, and spotted the lovely 11th Century church, which we hadn't realised existed - it's completely hidden from the main road. So we stopped and had a look round the church and churchyard before heading back to the car.

After a very late lunch it was a working afternoon. Planning to sort out a bit more paperwork before sitting down this evening...

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