By seizetheday

A blur...

Yet another terrible photo taken through the window of a moving car, but 'blur' sums up my day nicely! (It was a glorious sunset, even viewed from the A1!)

Singing in the morning. Home for a bite to eat before MrM drove us down to Alnwick, where he went to a meeting and I started some Christmas shopping. (Very early Christmas shopping for me, but gifts for MrM's family need to be wrapped and ready in 3 weeks' time.) Then down to no-less-than three big DIY stores near Newcastle, as MrM needs to buy a sink for the workshop. Turned out to be a wild goose chase, as none of them had a sink to fit the space - so much for intentions to buy less on the internet! We did, however, make a small purchase, and also looked at flooring suitable for the living room - the next big project - so the journey wasn't entirely a waste of time.

Back to Alnwick for a meal and then a supermarket shop. By the time we got home and the shopping unpacked, it was almost time for bed.

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