By seizetheday

Just in case...

Another chilly, grey, mizzly day, but it is November!

Ventured in to my sewing box this afternoon, for the first time in ages. Far more used to painting and decorating than sewing these days! But I have some fabric with which to make some much-needed curtains for the bathroom, and wanted to know if I need to buy some thread.

No, there's plenty of white thread in the box. But the box needs a good clean, and the contents desperately need sorting out. Big time! And it seems that I've inherited my mother's habit of keeping things 'just in case' they may be useful to someone one day when, quite clearly, they never will. It's a habit that needs to go! Before taking the photo, I'd already disposed of a couple of empty cotton reels, and about a dozen containing  tiny lengths of thread, no use for anything. Before the end of the day, lots of other bits and pieces will go in to the bin, and any unwanted but useful items in the charity shop bag.

Pleased to report that I've already managed to dispense with the other idea that my mother instilled in to me - the need to keep things 'for best'. 
You don't know what the future holds - enjoy things now!

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