La vida de Annie

By Annie

Hazlewood revisited.

A partial reconstruction of an earlier blip, this is me in the actual room in which I was born - more info in the earlier version. I'd asked #2D to drive us there just to show her a bit of family history she didn't know. In extras I am coming out of a hidden door, and the large room being prepared for a wedding reception was the site of the original maternity ward of 10 beds. I'm sure mum enjoyed her two weeks there looking at the lovely views over open countryside and the peaceful, special atmosphere of the place.
You know when you have days when the only blip you can scrape up is a household item or random something, yet on others there are so many pictures taken that you are spoiled for choice? Well today was one of the latter. #2D had taken the day off work just to drive me around places in West Yorkshire I haven't seen for a while, and that turned out to be three separate mini-adventures.
The second was a visit to a disused flour mill currently being restored as a heritage project, which was fascinating in itself as well as in a very picturesque spot on the river Aire in Castleford. One of the volunteers who have worked extremely hard on the project for 4 years was a guy I have not seen since I was a teenager, and was my first boyfriend back then. His memories of those days seem to be much clearer than mine, I have to say. He presented #2D with a bag of wholemeal flour produced on the premises, which she hopes to bake into something edible. I wouldn't know where to start with that.
The third stage of the tour was a visit to Leeds city centre, last visited by me about 47 years ago so completely unrecognisable. I did however recognise the County Arcade and the Thornton Arcade in the extras.
To top off a wonderful day we got proper Yorkshire fish and chips from her local chippy.

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