By JackyMT

The last of the tomatoes

Just about ripe now still got a few in the fridge but these are the last to ripen.

Rant time
Well I don't know about anyone else but I am fed up of the fireworks Friday Night and Saturday Night it was like a war zone then they started again tonight, not as bad but still bang bang bang all night. And you can guarantee it will start again tomorrow because guess what it's really Bonfire Night tomorrow.
When I was a kid and my kids too we had a Bonfire Night which was 5th November and we had fires and fireworks later the organised ones became popular. We NEVER had fireworks on a Sunday, if the 5th fell on a Sunday it was the Saturday or Monday NOT BOTH , the local council decided which it would be. I'm not a killjoy, I love to see the fireworks and I loved building a fire for my kids and organising a firework display for them, making parkin and toffee and baked potatoes. It was usually a street affair with everyone contributing, but three nights...enough is enough.

Although her tablets help even poor Maddy is getting a bit stressed now. She won't go out for a wee and I know she wants to go, but the slightest noise even in the far distance and she is back in before she has been. One year it was nearly 2am before I got her out.

There must have been thousands of pounds gone up in smoke these last three nights just round here alone. Money to burn.
OK rant over

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