By Colstro

Creative Flash

A back blip because I was home late last night.

Had a practical evening at the Photographic Society - "creative flash". Spent some time outside in the dark, photographing people in front of the pub which had fairy lights decorating one of their trees.

This was a long exposure (actually rather longer than intended - this was one where I experimented with aperture priority auto, rather than manual as on the other shots). The guy was illuminated by the flash, while the long exposure allowed the fairy lights to show through; I rotated the camera during the exposure, which didn't affect the flashlit face, but produced some entertaining light trails from the fairy lights. The unexpected feature was the illuninated inverted face next to the original - which I can only attribute to another photographer's flash firing toward the end of my exposure.

It won't win any competitions, but it was entertaining, and it costs nothing to experiment with digital!

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