Where the Light Gets In

By DHThomas

Starting grid

ahoy! off they go
to brave wind and swell alone
across the big pond
It was the start of the Route du Rhum sailing race on Sunday afternoon. I had thought at some point that I might go and see the boats sail (or fly, for some of them, thanks to bigger and bigger foils) by at the Cap Fréhel. But then I realised I'd be among a many-thousand strong throng (try saying this fast, I dare you!), with only my 300mm lens to photograph boats that would be hundreds of metres away. Not worth the drive, especially after I'd come back late from the concert in Brest. I watched from the (relative) warmth of our home.
For the title, I hesitated between the one I finally chose and "Not so fast net". :-D The net might be useful when they hit the trade winds and could be importuned by midgets - although I don't think there are too many in the middle of the ocean...

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