Good Morning from the Land of a Million Tiny Suns

It was the first day after the clock change, and we'd had a hard frost overnight. There was plenty of condensation on the windows, which I see as an opportunity: I like to take my camera in the morning and capture the first golden rays of light through the window condensation.

Maybe I'm easily amused. It is a simple pleasure, this making of art out of water and light. As I was playing around with that concept on this morning, I got the shot above, which seemed kind of unusual to me. I'm not sure I've ever achieved anything exactly like it.

As the clock changes and the year heads down into winter, we all become sun seekers once again. So here, on the cusp of what's yet to come, is a shot of my morning view from the land of a million tiny suns.

The soundtrack song is the Sunrays, with a happy little tune called I Live for the Sun.

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