Tree Trek

We’ve not been as far as the coast today as Ann had a reflexology appointment this afternoon and the weather was looking pretty gloomy, so instead we tool the unsurfaced road from Castleton to Commondale and ambled our way along taking photos of trees along the way.  (We were a bit quicker on the return.). There were some lovely oranges and yellows in the valley, so it might seem a bit odd that I’ve gone for this cold winter looking version.  I had three, the original, a warm version like this and then this one that I made bluer and we both chose this version.

So how did it come about.  Well Rod Wheelans sent out an extra with the PAGB newsletter this month that featured the work of Irene Froy and I’ve always been intrigued by her work, I think she was one of the judges when I did my CPAGB but I’ve never heard her speak.  So I googled the Irene From technique and what did I find but a paper on Stokesley Camera Club website written by Blipfoto's very own Pixelfoto and then I found a blip from Cairistiona.  I wonder if we need these techniques now when there are so many  Apps and plug-ins for processing photographs but it’s been an interesting avenue to explore and I’m not sure the world needs another Irene Froy.

p.s. I’ve just realised I could have had an entry for mono Monday - in extra.  I’m not sure it will qualify for `far’ but the trees weren’t very close either.

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