Misty morning

... and when the sun managed to shine through I thought I’d better make the most of it and go for a short walk with camera (and tripod).  The light was changing quite rapidly and in the end I decided that I couldn’t make a really interesting composition out of the landscape, so the birds came to the rescue.  I ended up feeling like the pied piper as a large herd of cattle obviously thought I had something in my rucksack for them and followed me to the gate.  You can almost see the disappointment. (see extra).

We set off for Whitby just before lunch and stopped off at the Paraclete so Ann could visit the grave of Mother Thekla before we drove into town. Fairly quiet in Whitby, but not so quiet that we didn’t have to drive to the far car-park on the Wharf.  We chose The Fisheman’s Wife restaurant for a late lunch whereas most people sit around with their fish and chips and the gulls hang around waiting for their chance.  Ann saw one gull pinch a chip out of the carton a girl was eating from just as she was about to put another in her mouth.  She got quite a shock.  Last time we were in that spot we watched a gull knock an ice-cream out of a Childs hands and then swoop down to gather it up.  She must have been so shocked.

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