Picture this..

By northernlass261


Warm and sunny with a little wind early in the day.

We went to the local library to join, having completed the forms and provided photos, the cards will be ready to collect in two days.   We were able to take a video out for one week.   Also available on site is free internet and wifi.   So that will be useful.   Whilst there I picked up a leaflet for some autumn courses, one being photography for 4 sessions in November.   May enroll this week

We had a lovely walk just after lunch around the back of town and on exploring found Oropesa Football stadium.   All ages play, so Alan may go and watch a match.   On the way back we came across a building which, on checking the info on the courses, is where they are to be held.  It seemed provident somehow!

The birds in the grounds are not pecking on my cake of yesterday or the sponge today, which came out risen, not sunken but a tad well done.   So should be ok now for the Xmas cake.

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