Enzo the Baker

By Enzo


scribblings of an undergraduate, so long ago that reading meant going to a Reading Room. "Unlike the British Parliament, the upper house [US Senate] is now seen as a more liberal body..." c. 1974. 

A marginal note on the reading list suggests that it was on the 19th Feb that I and other crammed into The Examination Schools to hear, and cheer, Archibald Cox, fired by Nixon as Watergate Special Prosecutor. 

Some things have changed; others less so. 

Studying and comparing the political systems of the UK, US, USSR and French Fifth Republic was the most enjoyable part of that degree course. I think we will now hear more  about House Committees in Congress. I had a lot of fun with transcripts of the Kefauver Commission into Organised Crime. Counsel for the Comission: So when Federal Agents entered your premisses, why did you open fire? Witness: Hey, how should I know they was Feds? Counsel: They have testified that they shouted "FBI - show your hands." Witness: C'mon, anyone can say that. We thought they was from the other Family, ya know whaddamean? 

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