Brian's Bits

By Kanyl

Still out of step...

... and likely to remain so.
I remembered being a wee bit out (and a wee bit dischuffed) at the 1,000 days mark.
Of itself, it's not a valid statement anyway. It's 3500 days since I became "Kaney". I, recently, checked my other, previous, persona and it only said something like "More than 1,000 days since last on."
The learning curve, BTW, goes on. After taking it, I noticed Alice's Maasi(?) lady and was forced to take another, fiddle a bit, and glue them together. You can, like as not, tell.
The reason for this:-
Before Alice died the Lady lost her staff and we hadn't noticed. Since Alice's demise she lost her head. Can't remember if it was me, or the window fitters now.
This it to, officially, declare she is now fully staffed, re-headed; and back on guard.
This week was our WednesDAY so I was grabbed and swept off to the far west, Well Cockermouth, Brigham(ish) to look at/collect some Yew which Clicky & Jerra had tracked down to frame a picture. Most of those shots are repeatable so, under Kanyl's 1st law 3,500 topped the list.
However we went for the ubiquitous Brew at The Lakes Home centre, where I spotted this rather fine lichen. 
YONKS ago I remember reading that, loosely, more or less, prolific lichen equated to relatively clean, quality air; consequently had to metaphorically grab it. 
Yet again - I mapped the lichen NOT our house.

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