If you can't beat them...

By Jerra

My ear itches!

Looking out of the living room window this morning I saw the Sparrowhawk sitting on top of the squirrel feeder.   Panic!  The camera was in the camera bag and had the wrong lens on.  Nothing ventured nothing gained!  Slowly move out of view, dash and grab camera, change lens, slowly move back into view.

I was thinking that if it hadn't gone my moving would scare it.  My luck was in not only was it still there but in sat and nonchalantly preened its self for long enough to allow a few shots.  then it was gone.

In the afternoon we had an impromptu trip "over west" to get some wood Clickychick needs for a project neck week.  No photographic opportunities, well none I decided to take, so while this isn't a good shot (too grainy) it has to be my blip.

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