What a lovely day:-

By BKeeper

to Wander

Now that the old beekeeping season is over (and the new one begun) one has much more time to resume country walking and generally explore.

In this regard one is greatly assisted by an electric bicycle!

Here you see the old lime kiln at Orrisdale, Kirk Michael on the west coast of our Island.  Most walkers would just pass by without realising that they are within a few yards of it because it is much obscured by vegetation.

As far as can be ascertained, crushed limestone would have been brought by boat  from the South of the Island to the shore nearby and then turned in to hydrated lime after firing in this kiln for use in nearby stone buildings and as a fertiliser for the land.

What is however the greatest pleasure for those with an interest in the historical use of land is provided by reference to the 25 inch maps of the 1870's.

Surprisingly some of these maps provided by the National Library of Scotland cover the whole of England and Wales and the Isle of Man and are provided with reference for free.

I find this throws a whole new light on country walking:


Happy hunting! 

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