By Arachne

I don't own a car. I pay a monthly fee to a car club so I can pick one up locally on those very rare occasions - maybe three times a year - when it makes life easier. Like tonight, when I had to collect two young Russians from the other side of Oxford and bring them and their baggage back to a neighbour's house where they are staying for a few days. 

I went to collect the car at the time I'd booked it and it wasn't there. I phoned the emergency number and there was no answer. I left a message and when they got back to me, not even an apology. Just, 'It seems like the person who had the earlier booking hasn't brought it back.' Yes. It does. That was why I was phoning you.

At least my fury made me cycle faster to where the lads were waiting. And rather than my Plan B - get a cab back - we were very unexpectedly offered a lift. So it all worked out. But I'm still really angry.

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