My enormous baby

Karen took this photograph of Zebedee and I this morning!
I had a really busy day packing and getting things ready for my trip this weekend which is to Gran Canaria where I am performing at Maspalomas Winter Pride on Saturday night!

I went into Kingston for a 3 PM meeting with two members of staff at Kingston College who have confirmed that Zebedee has five hours a week of extra help with his studies when he goes back, he has ADHD and dyslexia so this is really good news and is really going to help and will probably make the difference between him passing and failing the qualification. Hurrah!

Bad news is that while I was there for police cars and an ambulance arrived, I heard from a student that a policeman had told her that there had been a stabbing, I just looked on the Internet and found out that it was a 16-year-old boy who had suffered knife wounds and has been taken to hospital but is not critical, all this knife crime and violence is just horrendous.

Gulliver had an excellent 3rd night with a full house, he came back very pleased with him self, the last night is tomorrow and Max will be going again and taking pictures, I’m really sad that I can’t go but I have seen both casts and been twice so that’s great. It’s been a wonderful experience for Gulliver.

Max and I are watching an excellent series on Amazon Prime called the Americans about Russian spies living in America.

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