Second night

Amazing second night of Little Shop of Horrors this time starring Gulli’s girlfriend Erin as Audrey, she was fantastic!!! The band sounded great, so tight.

Last night I complained that the musicians weren’t mentioned, seen or thanked so tonight they all came out, their friends threw roses at them, Gulli caught one, put it in his teeth and took a bow! So much happiness and smiling, it was lovely and really added to the show!

My very old friend Karen came up from Brighton, she’s Gulli’s Godmother abd was very proud.

Also a pic of Mr Cragg head of music, he’s such a godsend, so committed.

Max really enjoyed it and Zebedee came too and also really enjoyed it! They say with Karen in the front row and I sat with Erin’s Mum Janette further back.

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